5 days in Jeju Island

We plan to spend 5 days 4 nights on Jeju island this Spring. We bought out return flight tickets for RM1415 per pax with pre-selected seats, meals and 20kg checked in luggage from AirAsia. The flight will be about 6 hours from KUL to CJU. It will be a direct flight to the island. I didn’t sign us up for any travelling packages because there were many feedbacks saying that Jeju is a tourist-friendly place to explore.

I have identified several attractions which is outdoor-centred and requires a bit of a drive. Most of the places are located in the south coast and east coast. I am not sure if it is all doable within 5 days, but I’ll list down everything!


Day 1: Airport – Check in airbnb Jeju City – Dongmun Traditional Market – Get groceries at emart – cook dinner at airbnb and rest

Day 2: Breakfast – Checkout – Suwolbong Peak – SabangsanYeongmori Coast – Cheonjeyeon Falls – Jusangjeollidae – Jeongbang waterfall

Day 3: Breakfast – Depart to Mt Hallasan for a hike at 7am – Return back to airbnb for dinner and rest

Day 4: Breakfast – Checkout – Haenyeo Museum – Seongsan Iichubong – Seopjikoji – Check in Siongsan – Dinner at Uribong Sikdang – Rest

Day 5: Breakfast – Sunrise at Siongsan Illchubong – Checkout – Arrive at Airport 12pm for flight at 3.30pm.


18/4 – Check in Jeju City

19/4 – Check-out Jeju City – Check in Seongwipo

20/4- Overnight Seongwipo

21/4 -Check-out Seongwipo – Check in Siongsan

22/4- Check out Siongsan

1 night Jeju – 2 nights Seongwipo – 1 night siongsan

  1. Hiking to the Peak of Mount Hallasan
    • The tallest peak in South Korea.
    • A Shield Volcano
    • Gwaneumsa Trail (8.7km, hardest but most scenic, goes to the peak, 5 hours each way)
    • Seongpanak Trail. (9.6km, easier but less scenic, goes to the peak, 4.5 hours each way)
    • Eorimok Trail (4.7km, doesnot go to the peak, 2.5 hours return)
    • Yeongsil Trail (3.7km, doesnot go to the peak, 2 hours return)
    • parking fee 1800 won. entrance fee is free.
    • Source: https://forkandfoot.com/hiking-mt-hallasan-jeju-island-south-korea/
  2. Seongsan Sunrise Peak
    • entrance 2000 won
    • short hike, 40 min to reach the peak
    • Advisable to be there during Subuh.
  3. Manjanggul Cave
    • Volcanic Tubular Cave
    • entrance 2000 won
    • 9am – 6pm. Last entrance 5.10pm.
  4. Jeongbang Waterfall
  5. Sanbangsan-Yongmeori Coast
    • Cool geological formation
    • entrance 2000 won
  6. Jusangjeollidae
    • Hexagonal Volcanic Columns
  7. Haenyeo Museum
    1. 9am-5.30pm. Last admission 4.30pm
    2. entrance 1000 won


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